Notes Blanches

Notes Blanches

Description card
Chardonnay (80 %) – Pinot Blanc (18%) – Arbanne et Petit Meslier (2%)
dont 7% of reserve wines

Tasting notes
This champagne has a golden and shiny color.
The first scent is incredibly aromatically intense with very fruity hints of plum, mirabelle plum and white and yellow fruits. Light brioche hints show after brewing.
The mouth feel is full, plump and fruity.
This champagne is balanced and ample. On the palate, the feeling is long with mineral hints.

This champagne goes perfectly with a first course.

Regnier Nature 80

Only 2500 bottles of this home-made batch were released.

This champagne was exported to Japan and is sold in Tokyo, in a French wine store. The B2B champagne won the silver medal in the 2016 “Elle à Table” contest.