Description card
Champagne assemblé avec 6 cépages champenois :
Meunier (55 %) – Pinot Blanc (15 %) – Pinot Noir (7 %) – Chardonnay (7 %) –
Petit Meslier (6 %) – Arbanne (2 %)
dont 29 % de vins de réserve

Tasting notes
The color is a shiny old gold.
The first note is warm with ripe fruits and butter hints. Notes of pear and quince show after brewing.
While tasting, the mouth feel is intense and very fruity with a very present bubble. This batch is pleasant, full and flexible with pear and apricot hints. The final note is punctuated by a few hints of fresh hazelnut.

medaille feminalise or

Food & Wine pairing
Especially designed for the aperitif.

Also available in magnum.

Gold Medal in the 2016 Feminalise World Wine Competition