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The Léguillette-Romelot Champagne House in Charly-sur-Marne offers you a complete assortment of champagnes.

From the Brut Tradition to the Rosé, via the Millésime and the Blanc de Blancs, the Léguillette-Romelot champagnes are compatible with the finest dishes and shape the happy moments of your life.

Cuvées assembled with old grape varieties are the pride of the House.

Matériel de jardin Corbie

Extra Brut

Matériel de jardin Somme


Matériel de jardin 80


Matériel de jardin Bapaume


Regnier Nature Albert


Regnier Nature Péronne


Regnier Nature Roye


Regnier Nature Rosières en Santerre


Regnier Nature Corbie


Regnier Nature Somme


Regnier Nature Bapaume

Prélude Extra Brut

Description card
Meunier : 64 % - Chardonnay : 33 % - Pinot Noir : 3 %
dont 48 % of reserve wines.

Tasting notes
Beautiful pale gold color with quick fine bubbles. The scent is vivid with hints of toasted hazelnuts and yellow fruits (apricot and Mirabelle plum). This champagne shows a beautiful and clear attack with a lovely and ample fruity taste that is based on a minimalist but very precise sugar/acidity balance.

Food & Wine pairing
The ultimate aperitif champagne.

Regnier Nature Pas de Calais


Description card
Meunier : 80 % - Chardonnay : 16 % - Pinot Noir : 4 %
dont 48 % of reserve wines.

Tasting notes
The ring of fine bubbles with a shiny pale yellow background releases fresh and flowery notes mixed with white fruits, fresh grapefruit and apricots in syrup. The attack is very gourmet with a persistent and delicate fruity note and is supported by a light acid freshness.

Food & Wine pairing
Especially designed for the aperitif.

Also available in half-bottle, magnum and jeroboam

Regnier Nature 62

Prélude Demi-sec

Description card
Meunier : 64 % - Chardonnay : 33 % - Pinot Noir : 3 %
dont 48 % of reserve wines

Tasting notes
This traditionally combined batch (1800s) has a very pleasant scent, where the gourmet hints of fresh fruits in syrup, mirabelle plums, apricots and ripe yellow plums are expressed. The mouth feel is compelling, without heaviness et with a nice delicate freshness.

Food & Wine pairing
Excellent for the end of the meal, where the bubble lightens perfectly the sugary union of the wine and the dessert.

Motoculture de plaisance


Description card
Champagne assemblé avec 6 cépages champenois :
Meunier (55 %) – Pinot Blanc (15 %) – Pinot Noir (7 %) – Chardonnay (7 %) –
Petit Meslier (6 %) – Arbanne (2 %)
dont 29 % de vins de réserve

Tasting notes
The color is a shiny old gold.
The first note is warm with ripe fruits and butter hints. Notes of pear and quince show after brewing.
While tasting, the mouth feel is intense and very fruity with a very present bubble. This batch is pleasant, full and flexible with pear and apricot hints. The final note is punctuated by a few hints of fresh hazelnut.

medaille feminalise or

Food & Wine pairing
Especially designed for the aperitif.

Also available in magnum.

Gold Medal in the 2016 Feminalise World Wine Competition

Motoculture de plaisance Albert


Before the champagne-making process, the traditional white wine was mixed with 18% of a Côteaux Champenois red wine.

Description card
Pinot Meunier – Pinot Noir: 81 % - Chardonnay: 19 %

Tasting notes
Typical wine with a full, melted and gourmet mouth feel, with an abundance of red fruits.

Food & Wine pairing
Smooth, fruity and sweetish dishes.
Crème brûlée with fresh dates.
Raspberry pie with rhubarb sorbet.
Pomegranate mille-feuille, maple syrup topping (contact us if you want this recipe).

Also available in half-bottle.

Motoculture de plaisance Péronne


Description card
Meunier (43 %) – Chardonnay (24 %) – Pinot Blanc (17 %) – Pinot Noir (12 %) – Petit Meslier (4 %)

Tasting notes
The fine bubbles move onto a crystal-clear wine with a bright pale yellow color.
The smell is discreet, contained and covered with fruity scents of white fruits and wild peaches highlighted by fragrances of mandarin touches. The mouth feel is fresh, plump and delicate with a Pinot Meunier focused on the persistence of the elegant fruit and sweetly and beautifully expressed.

Food & Wine pairing
Middle of the meal, fish and meat.

Motoculture de plaisance Roye

Notes Blanches

Description card
Chardonnay (80 %) – Pinot Blanc (18%) – Arbanne et Petit Meslier (2%)
dont 7% of reserve wines

Tasting notes
This champagne has a golden and shiny color.
The first scent is incredibly aromatically intense with very fruity hints of plum, mirabelle plum and white and yellow fruits. Light brioche hints show after brewing.
The mouth feel is full, plump and fruity.
This champagne is balanced and ample. On the palate, the feeling is long with mineral hints.

This champagne goes perfectly with a first course.

Regnier Nature 80

Only 2500 bottles of this home-made batch were released.

This champagne was exported to Japan and is sold in Tokyo, in a French wine store. The B2B champagne won the silver medal in the 2016 “Elle à Table” contest.

Motoculture de plaisance Rosières en Santerre

Notes Noires

Description card
Meunier (70 %) – Pinot Noir (30 %)

Tasting notes
The golden yellow color is shiny.
After a first warm and buttered scent, the brewing shows intense yellow fruits and fudge hints.
The mouth feel is ample, sweet and aromatically intense. The feeling of this B2N champagne is voluptuous and long in the mouth with plump hints of yellow fruits.

Food & Wine pairing
Foie gras poêlé et laqué au miel
Côtes de bœuf aux herbes
Tajine d’agneau
Chocolat noir aux myrtilles

Only 2300 bottles of this home-made batch were released.

This champagne was mentioned in an article of “Le Monde” (national French newspaper) in December 2015.

Motoculture de plaisance Corbie

Symphonie Millésime 2008

Le Champagne “Symphonie” est un Millésime 2008 issu d’une année atypique qui offre élégance, expressivité et croquant..

Description card
Meunier (72 %) – Chardonnay (27 %) – Pinot Noir (1 %)

Tasting notes
Ce champagne est un millésime 2008 issu d’une année atypique offrant élégance,
expressivité et croquant.

Food & Wine pairing
Feuilleté de ris de veau et girolles
Grenadin de veau et espuma de noisettes sur lit de tagliatelles
Côtelettes d’agneau, panure pistache et jus de rôti vanillé

Motoculture de plaisance Somme


Typical aperitif from the Champagne region.

Se boit très frais et avec beaucoup de modération !


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